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Matt Marinchick

by Matt Marinchick

Released 2011
Released 2011
Fun, Clever, Creative, Danceable, and Heart-warming! Matt Marinchick's music can inspire all sorts of emotions, leaving a smile on your face. This 6'10" Country phenom is gonna blow you away with his powerful, believable, voice and songwriting ability!
This is Matt Marinchick's first demo album. After 6 years of professional basketball in Germany, Matt hung up his basketball sneakers, picked up his cowboy boots, and stepped behind the microphone with his song book and guitar. Matt has written many songs, but this 10 track demo features more recent songs that deal with life, love, relationships, and finding the good in bad times, and realizing the great in the good times. Part Time Lady and Let Me Change Your Mind deal with the struggle of constantly being away from someone. Love is Real is an upbeat look at what finding "the one" can do to you. Fare Thee Well is about finding the good in goodbye. The Good Life takes a step back and is a personal approach to living life and how to do it right. Show Me a Sign and I'm Your Man are songs right in line with Let Me Change Your Mind that which talk about convincing someone to take another look at who they are passing by. Finally, Take a Stand is a song that Matt wrote to counteract the Rap Music Scene. So many rap songs try to impress the importance of Money, Girls, and Partying on making the man. This song goes the opposite route and deals with what it REALLY means to be a man.