Matt Marinchick

Matt Marinchick is a Contemporary Country Songwriter who grew up on Jim Croce, Randy Travis, Willie Nelson, and Johnny Cash but brings a modern country sound to his music.

Like many Country singer-songwriters, Matt Marinchick's journey started with a guitar. "My Dad was about to get rid of his old guitars and I asked him not to. I wanted to try my hand at playing," Marinchick says. Fast forward 19 years and here he is, in Nashville playing guitar, singing and writing almost every single day. Marinchick learned early on that hard work and dedication pave the road to success in life. At 6'10", he earned a 4 year, full basketball scholarship to Ohio State University and then moved on to play 6 successful seasons professionally in Europe including time in the Bundesliga, the highest level league of professional club basketball in Germany. Feeling the desire to keep following his dreams, Marinchick moved to Nashville in the summer of 2011 to pursue a Country music career.

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